Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Thousand Apologies

I apologize to those out there who have been waiting for my second story. I have been having the worst streak of luck. First my internet breaks down, then my laptop crashes. I have to re-write all my stories that were lost. Please give me some time to recover what I lost. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. I hope you readers can be patient with me =/

Monday, April 12, 2010

Story 1

Rose teases me with text messages throughout the entire day even while I am having tutorials and lectures. It is amazing what Rose is capable of doing to me with just simple words. I cannot help but imagine what she can do in person. We both want to meet up and have a release but my extra-curricular activities are a hindrance. Thus, we carry on teasing each other with our harmless texts.

As the day progresses, our conversation somehow turns towards the topic of fitness and physiques. Like any other girl, Rose loves guys with solid abs and broad shoulders. She also prefers guys to wear boxers instead of briefs. I then ask her what she thinks of guys who train for dragon boat, majority of whom have bigger bodies and muscles than the average fit human male. She replies, “Well if he can carry me and fuck me at the same time, I wouldn’t mind being with a dragon boater even if it were just for the sex.”

I cannot take it anymore and ask Rose whether she is free this coming Saturday which is in 3 days. She knows what I am hinting. More often than not, Rose comes over to my place on Saturdays for some sexual relief. She gives the okay and I look forward to meeting her in 3 days time. Little does she know that I have a surprise prepared for her when she comes over……


*Ding dong* goes the doorbell. I walk briskly to the door and open it to let Rose in. She is dressed casually in her usual attire, hot pants and a fitting shirt, both of which accentuate her body beautifully. The moment the door closes, we wrap our arms around each other and begin to kiss like long lost lovers. Our tongues rub against each other as we take turns to explore each other’s mouths. As we do so, my right hand reaches down past her ass and begins to rub in between her warm thighs. The crotch area of her shorts starts to dampen and become warmer. Right then, her hand reaches for my semi-erect dick and starts to rub me from outside my boxers. Before she can go any further, I pull my lips away from hers and whisper into her right ear, ‘Let’s take this into the room’, right before I stick my tongue in her ear.

I then scoop Rose up by cupping her ass with both my hands and carrying her to the room, making out along the way. When we reach the room, I let her down and help her take off her shirt as she undoes her shorts and lets it drop and pool around her feet. She is left in her matching baby blue bra and g-string. She told me once before that she was a medium B cup but every time I look at her chest or feel her chest, she seems more like a large C to me. So as usual, her breasts look like they are about to explode out of her bra. Call it male nature, but whenever I think of her bust, I get an instant erection. So being in my usual boxer shorts and shirt, she can see my cock pitching a tent. When she kneels down in front of me and pulls down my boxers as I take off my shirt, my erected cock hits her on the chin and she exclaims, “ When did you get so big and hard?!”

“Well I haven’t masturbated since the last time we fucked and because I’ve been waiting for you to make me cum. You like?” as I wave my dick in front of her face.

Rose licks her lips as she goes ‘mmmhmmmm’ before grabbing my cock and stuffing it into her mouth all the way to the base. Her oral skills are phenomenal, especially her ability to deepthroat. I cannot help but groan as my cock nudges the back of her throat and as her hand massages my balls. She doesn’t hesitate or gag and I don’t even have to push my cock into her mouth. She just loves my cock. Before we get carried away, I pull her up and turn her around to unclip her bra, releasing her breasts from confinement. Right before I leave the room, I smear the pre-cum that has oozed out of my cock on her ass cheeks before I push Rose onto the bed and tell her to wait there and that I have a surprise for her.

As I re-enter the room, I am followed by 6 naked well-built dragon boaters with hard cocks, all of whom which I am friends with. Rose is speechless at the sight. I tell the guys to wait by the side as I approach Rose on the bed and coax her into taking her g-string off, leaving her totally naked on the bed. I ask who is first and the dragon boater nearest the bed steps forward. He lies down on the bed next to Rose and I position her on top of him in reverse cowgirl but instead of sticking his cock into her pussy, I instructed him to fuck her in the ass which he does so obediently. Rose is shocked by the sudden intrusion but is not hurting because she has had anal sex with many guys before. And the cycle continues, each guy gets on the bed one by one and takes control of a part of Rose’s body, first her ass gets fucked, followed by her cunt, then her mouth then each hand has a cock to stroke and lastly a cock to slide in between her tits. I standby and watch as the guys ravage her voluptuous body. Throughout the orgy, she spits out the cock in her mouth multiple times to ask me to join in but I refuse even though the entire scene does turn me on.

All the fucking, stroking, sliding and blowing lasts 15 minutes before all of them blow their loads simultaneously. Rose screams as her massive orgasm causes her body to twitch right before she passes out. The guys exit the room to wash up in the toilet outside, leaving me alone in the room with the unconscious Rose. As alluring as she was, I fought the temptation to fuck her and took a photo of her instead. She had cum leaking out of her cunt and asshole. Her face and breasts were covered in cum. As I examined her body closely, something felt odd. It was the amount of cum, it was lacking. My instincts told me that she had swallowed the load that was shot from the cock that was in her mouth. I thought to myself, “What a sex loving slut.” as I cleaned her up with tissues and towels before covering her with a blanket and letting her rest. I pull my boxers and shirt back on and exit the room.

I shut the door discreetly as I leave Rose in the room to rest. When I turn around, all 6 guys are washed up, dressed and ready to leave. One by one they walk past me and I show them out the front door. Allan, whom had done Rose in the ass, stopped in front of me before leaving the house to ask with a smile, “When can we do this again?”

I laugh and respond, “I’ll call you.” As I close the door behind Allan, I reflected on what had just transpired in the room. At the end of the day, I didn’t get the sexual relief I wanted but Rose probably had the best orgasm of her life so far. The thought of it makes me laugh. I wonder how she will be and what reactions she will have when she wakes up……

~~~THE END~~~

*Okay guys. I hope you liked my first story. I apologize if you find the quality poor. Please forgive me as this is my first time. Please leave your comments :]

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Greetings readers. My first story is coming soon. I believe my English is pretty decent but please forgive me for any mistakes in my stories to come. I have not established a signature style yet so you may see variations in the way some stories are written. Lastly, feel free to drop me an email with ideas or suggestions for a story OR you can just add me up on Messenger :) Farewell for now until my first story goes up.